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IVI Metallics Ltd is an independent company manufacturing precision quality tacks and nails, (including threaded, hardened and plated products) both for the footwear industry and those requiring the highest quality standards. Its products are manufactured to exacting tolerances for a diverse range of industries worldwide for hand, machine and air gun applications.

With over 100 years of manufacturing expertise IVI offers an unrivalled range of quality tacks and nails, supplemented with continuous quality checks and first class customer service. The company also manufactures bespoke tacks and nails in a range of shapes, sizes, materials and finishes which are used across a wide range of applications.


“We had been having a number of problems with our IT and were struggling to find an outfit which had the knowledge and experience to both understand what we needed and could provide a sensible solution”, said Simon Ward, Commercial Manager of IVI. “We were introduced to SHBS and all of a sudden the clouds lifted!

“We were introduced to SHBS and all of a sudden the clouds lifted!”

Simon Ward, Commercial Manager, IVI Metallics


“The team at SHBS have provided some excellent strategic advice on what we need to focus on next and fixed our core existing problems. In particular they have resolved an ongoing and frustrating issue with our email that meant that messages were not being received on our smartphones”, he added. “They’ve taken over the management of our web presence and provided us with a robust online backup solution. And the SystemCare maintenance contract gives us both proactive monitoring and a locally-based response team should anything go wrong”.

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Services provided

  • IT consultancy
  • Email services
  • Website & domain management
  • Online backup solution
  • SystemCare maintenance contract

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