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Networked IT infrastructure to support HQ and distributed users


Founded in 1969, family owned Pollard Boxes has expanded and diversified to become the market leader in rigid box manufacturing in Europe. The company offers fully automatic machine production and a large, versatile workforce to call upon providing clients with dedicated Design, Customer Service, Technical and Manufacturing Teams.


With around 60,000 sq foot of manufacturing and warehousing space, its own transportation fleet and distribution services to countries all over the World, Pollard’s has a complex and diverse IT system which needs to be sufficiently robust and scalable to support a fast moving and growth business.


For more than 10 years, the team at SHBS has been supplying knowledge, experience and practical support to the management team at Pollards. With a networked system that supports all aspects of the business, with over 30 users at the main site in Enderby and a workforce who spend much of their time out on the road, the IT infrastructure is a core part of the company’s success.

A core issue for SHBS has been to ensure that Pollards has the best possible access to the latest broadband technology, in an area where the service is poor. Using load-balancing techniques with multiple lines ensures that the broadband access is stable and resilient and that Pollards always has good access to the services it needs.

“SHBS is an integral part of our business.”

Mark Pollard, Director, Pollard Boxes

“SHBS is an integral part of our business”, said Mark Pollard, Director of Pollard Boxes. “Their knowledge and experience has enabled us to bring together our IT infrastructure in a way which helps to support productivity and efficiency across the business. The broadband looked as though it would be a nightmare for us, but the solution from SHBS means that we can be comfortable that we are always on, and at an acceptable speed and stability”.

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Services provided

  • System design and install
  • Email and website services
  • Broadband load balancing
  • Sophos Data Protection Suite
  • Comprehensive support contract

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